Built-Up Commercial Roofing

Depending on the structure of your roof, you may have several covering options. However, for a long-lasting installation, you may want to consider a built-up roof installation for maximum protection.

Why Get a Built-Up Roof in Austin?

It May be Your Best Covering Solution

A true favorite in the commercial sector, built-up covering allows for extra safeguarding from extreme weather, with impressive waterproofing capabilities. Not sure what’s right for your residential or commercial building? Call our professionals today at Roofing101 in Texas for friendly, honest guidance to assess which kind of covering would best suit your home.

Commercial Built-Up Roof Installation in Austin, TX

A built-up roofing system, also known as BUR, is the most popular type of covering in the commercial sector. Nonetheless, though it depends on the shape and slope of your property, BUR may be a good choice for your property. With the ability to provide excellent water resistance and reliable, hard-wearing capabilities, you’re assured a long-lasting installation that’s also UV protected.

Why select a built-up roof for your place?

  • Ease of installation
  • High protection from extreme weather
  • Extensive warranty
  • Proven reliability
  • Heat intake reduction options
  • Cost-effective
  • Superb waterproofing capabilities

Built-Up Roofing vs. Modern Materials

Modern flat roofing methods are single layer membranes that are focused on reflecting UV rays. Built-up roofing offers flexibility and ease of installation, which means your company’s business won’t be interfered with while the long term warranty gives you peace of mind.

Get Skilled Support from Roofing101

Getting a new roof can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know who to trust for the installation. As such, choosing industry experts in Texas like our Roofing101 specialists will help you navigate how to find the best covering for your structure. Since there are many different roofing options, we can narrow down your choices with our free, no-hassle quote. Call our skilled, knowledgeable roofers for more information on our wide assortment of quality, budget-conscious covering solutions for your Texas home.

What kind of roof do you need? Whether it’s shingle, asphalt, or solar installation, we can help you find out which one would work best at Roofing101 in Texas.

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