For a long-lasting, reliable covering for your business, call on Roofing101 experts to provide you with the ultimate solution. TPO commercial roofing is increasingly becoming the ideal option for Texas companies looking for sustainable ways to reduce energy consumption.

Reliable, Long-Lasting TPO Commercial Roofing in Texas

Offering a solid, waterproof material, thermoplastic-olephine – or TPO – assures a modern, cost-efficient covering for any type of company building. By significantly lowering energy consumption, the costs that go along with energy usage decrease, saving you money every month. Durable and waterproof, large UV reflective rolls are affixed to the roof and set in place. Thanks to its high UV reflective properties, the interior of the building remains fresher and thus relies less on an artificial cooling system.

Benefits of TPO Commercial Roofing

  • Long-lasting and highly durable
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Waterproof
  • Easy repairs and maintenance
  • Reflects UV rays and lowers energy bills
  • Most cost-effective compared to many alternative materials

TPO vs. Traditional Materials

TPO commercial roofing in Texas provides an excellent, money saving solution when compared to many other covering alternatives. While it offers a wide variety of advantages, one of the most sought-out ones is certainly its high energy efficiency, due to its UV reflective properties. Coupled with an impressive lifespan and waterproof features, TPO deflects UV rays and greatly decreases transmission into the structure. Therefore, there is a lower demand on the air conditioning system, and ultimately, savings on energy costs. What’s more, because of its durability, this eco-friendly covering doesn’t require much repairs or maintenance down the line.

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