Roof Replacement

Loose shingles, a leaky roof, condensation in the attic – these are all signs that should never be ignored. In these instances, the issue clearly points to a problem with the roof. While you may be able to figure out what should be done, only roofing professionals can expertly assess the extent of the damage.

Roof Replacement Solutions in Austin, TX

At Roofing101, our skilled, experienced pros can evaluate the state of your roof and whether it needs roof replacement services. Over time, strong winds and other destructive weather conditions can cause substantial damage. But with specialized roofers on the job, your Texas home will be good as new in no time.

Assessing the Need for Roof Replacement

As frustrating as it may seem, damage to your home simply can’t wait to be fixed. Normally, you’ll need to call professional roofers when:

  • External covering materials like tiles and shingles experience damage.
  • There is an obvious warping of the roof because of structural deterioration or inadequate support.
  • Too much snow and ice accumulate, causing damage to the roof.
  • There is an infiltration of the flashing.
  • Excessive dampness under the roof has caused damage, resulting in weakening of the structure.

In many of these situations, roof replacement may be necessary, though it does depend on the extent of the damage.

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