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Our roofing specialists at Roofing101 in Austin provide many covering options and services for residential, commercial, and industrial structures. One of our most requested services is flat roof installation. Aside from full installations, our professionals also offer skilled assessment, maintenance, and repair for all types of coverings.

Professional Flat Roofing Contractors in Austin TX

There are many things to consider when deciding on what type of roof to get for your building. Among other factors, maintenance requirements, energy performance, and installation costs should all be taken into account before selecting a covering. Luckily, when you enlist the services of Roofing101 in Austin, your choice becomes simple. Let our flat roofing contractors help! Worried about the durability, water-resistance, or lifespan of a specific flat roof installation? Our specialists will talk you through every option we offer, so you gain peace-of-mind!

Need Flat Roof Installation? Take a Look at Our Options:

TPO Roofing: Ideal for varies different building types, TPO – or thermo-plastic olephine – is an extremely cost-effective flat roof installation. Typically less expensive than EPDM or PVC, TPO is applied in large sheets of fabric-like material, which makes for a relatively quick installation.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR): Asphalt-based tar and tar paper (or roofing felt) is used in a layering process, for what’s often known as a more old-school approach to roofing. After these are applied to the covering, you’re assured a highly durable installation that also offers less heat transmission.

EPDM Roofing: Ethylene propylene diene monomer, commonly known as EPDM, is an interesting substance that’s much like rubber inner tubes. You’ll get at least 20 years of peace-of-mind with this very durable, long-lasting installation. It does however require a reflective coating to ensure its impressive lifespan.

Modified Bitumen: With a modified bitumen flat roof installation, small 3ft wide rolls are used, which makes this option easier to install. Better suited for residential or smaller commercial businesses, it’s long durability also comes with a great heat absorption reduction, so long as a reflective coating is added.

PVC Roofing: Single-ply polyvinyl chloride – the same substance used in PVC plumbing – makes for a high-performance covering. Typically, PVC roofing is used in larger commercial settings. Excellent heat-reflective qualities are assured because of its naturally white color.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF): When you choose SPF, you get some much more than a simple installation. Instead, you’re assured impressive roofing, flashing & insulation, for a truly all-in-one solution. With this type of covering, roofers spray high-density, waterproof SPF on a pre-existing structure, in a continuous layer.

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